No More Heroes Motel

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No More Heroes Motel  
No More Heroes

The player’s home and base of operations in the world of Santa Destroy is a first floor motel room, perpetually rented by the game’s slacker otaku protagonist, Travis Touchdown. Far from the dingy, cockroach-infested dump you’d expect, the room is clean and comfortable, cozy even. Continue reading


Port Carverton: University District

University District

University District  
Skate 3

.There are few places in gaming quite as idyllic as Port Carverton University. The campus is a glass and concrete landscape dotted with vegetation, composed of sloping ramps, stairs, benches and rails, stretched out underneath the eternal sunshine of an early millennium pop-punk music video. The expansiveness and visibility of everything laid out before you make skating in the area a pleasure; there are no unexpected obstacles to jump out abruptly in front of you and ruin your line. Continue reading