Dustforce (PC, 2012)
Hitbox Team

Dustforce is an intensely difficult indie platforming game. Continue reading


Review: Hotline Miami

You step out of your car, your face shrouded beneath the rubbery latex of an animalistic mask, warm and sticky. You crane your neck backwards and gaze up at the multi-storey building standing in front of you. Each floor is packed with a crowd of violent, murderous criminals, and you’ve been hired to kill every single one of them. You take a deep breath and pause in the humid silence for a moment, before smashing open the front door with a thick wallop of your boot. Continue reading


Neotokyo (PC, 2009)
Studio Radi-8

Neotokyo is a multiplayer total conversion modification for Half-Life 2. An FPS set in a future dystopian Tokyo, it focuses on clandestine battles between two political factions known as the Jinrai and the NSF. Back-story to the mod is relatively barebones – in fact, none is presented to the player inside the mod itself, and is not really required to enjoy it. Continue reading