Dustforce (PC, 2012)
Hitbox Team

Dustforce is an intensely difficult indie platforming game. Continue reading


Sky Sanctuary

Sky Sanctuary Zone
Sonic & Knuckles

In a 16-bit era constrained by technological limitations, Sky Sanctuary manages to communicate the giddying excitement of approaching the end-game. The music is triumphant, the enemies more intimidating and sophisticated than the typical grunts you’ve come across before. The Death Egg which previously sat on the horizon is now within spitting distance, rising ominously out of a sea of clouds as swarms of robots zip out of it like robotic wasps. Angel Island, home to the entirety of Sonic 3 and most of Sonic & Knuckles, floats in the background, tilting gently from side to side. Continue reading


Ah, the cozy land of rp_hometownAnalysis  
Garry’s Mod

DarkRP is a multiplayer game mode in Garry’s Mod which holds lofty ambitions. The general idea is that you join a multiplayer server which takes place in a map resembling a town, or a business district, or whatever, and choose a job to work: ranging from policeman to gangster, to chef, to gundealer, to scientist, etc. The hope is that in the process of carrying out your job, roleplay will occur (although hopefully not THAT kind of roleplay), stories will evolve and you’ll engage in player-created scenarios and drama in a way few games can even come close to reaching. Continue reading

No More Heroes Motel

The motelPlaces 
No More Heroes Motel  
No More Heroes

The player’s home and base of operations in the world of Santa Destroy is a first floor motel room, perpetually rented by the game’s slacker otaku protagonist, Travis Touchdown. Far from the dingy, cockroach-infested dump you’d expect, the room is clean and comfortable, cozy even. Continue reading

Port Carverton: University District

University District

University District  
Skate 3

.There are few places in gaming quite as idyllic as Port Carverton University. The campus is a glass and concrete landscape dotted with vegetation, composed of sloping ramps, stairs, benches and rails, stretched out underneath the eternal sunshine of an early millennium pop-punk music video. The expansiveness and visibility of everything laid out before you make skating in the area a pleasure; there are no unexpected obstacles to jump out abruptly in front of you and ruin your line. Continue reading

Pond Punk Bar

Pond Punk Bar 
Perfect Dark

Nestled beneath the rain-drenched, trench-coat filled streets of Chicago is the Pond Punk bar; a “secret” area which lacks any proper gameplay significance. The club is hidden in the bowels of a building decorated with a garish red neon sign, the only place in the entire level that appears to have any kind of commercial function. After traipsing down a grotty spiral ramp, lit by the signature glare of the game’s spotlights and enclosed by walls made up of exposed red bricks and slabs of battered concrete, you come to the entrance of the seedy den. Continue reading